Agricultural Applications

Crop Health Monitoring. Image Source: AVIRIS

Make the smartest decisions for your entire area over the entire season. Use the most advanced analytics, insights and derive the best solution for any and all problems. Monitor and observe the land, the crop from preseason right up to harvest. Even go ahead and optimize post-harvest operations.
  • Observe your crop seamlessly using our enhanced coverage
  • Select even distributed areas of interest
  • Respond early to changes in the crop
  • Improve your understanding using our 10+ years of archive datasets

Farm Detection

Crop loss due to Animal Raids

  • Use frequent satellite data for analyzing smaller changes in crop health
  • Monitor animal raids
  • Create baseline for yield predictions
  • Use spatial intelligence for efficient field surveys
  • Monitor moisture related stress for over and under irrigation
  • Work with us to automate farm demarcation, attribute data creation and analysis on the fly