Disaster Management

Natural calamities do not only limit to anything in this day and age. A ranging fire, earth-quake, melting glaciers, out break of epidemics, wars, conflicts can all be grouped as disasters. All of these leave a mark which can be seen and analysed using geo-sciences. We in the past have worked with and handled fires, floods and landslides


Make the smartest decisions for your entire area over the entire fire season. Use the most advanced analytics, insights and derive the predictive vulnerable areas, assess expanse of growing fires, overlay secondary datasets to analyze loss patterns and support claim settlement

  • Select even distributed areas of interest

  • Respond early to updates on fire events

  • Improve your understanding using history datasets and derived analytics

Image source: Sentinel 2 (Copernicus Hub)

Image source: Sentinel 1 (Copernicus Hub)


Use our expertise in SAR to monitor areas even during cloud seasons. Very Critical for observing flood situations and create impact assessment models. Explore SAR capabilities here.

In the example beside, observe how fast impacted areas can be de-marked.


A very difficult event to do a quick assessment. Debris, rubble makes movement very difficult for responders. Harness the speed of automation to know exactly which building, area, got affected and hence how many people got displaced.

Image source: Digital Globe