Synthetic Aperture Radar

What is SAR Technology?

Imaging sensors play an important role in the observation of Earth’s surface. These sensors primarily categorized as active and passive sensors. Passive sensors makes use of the radiation naturally emitted (in-case of fire events) or reflected by the Earth’s surface while the active sensors transmit microwave radiations (0.3 to 12 GHz) and receives the backscatter from the illuminated surface.
The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is such an active sensor with an augmented (synthetic) aperture. The strength of the backscatter is then processed to form images, an example of which is depicted in the figure below.

How it works?

How it looks?

Refer the slides below for a preview of what to expect from the system

Images Source: TerraSAR-X

General Applications

Flood Mapping
Elevation Modeling
Ship Detection
Change Detection
Defense Applications
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